You possibly can’t spell Zapier with out API


Ben and friend of the show Kyle Mitofsky sit down with Reid Robinson, lead product manager for AI at Zapier, for a conversation about AI and automation. Plus: NFTs and the dog behind the doge.

Show Notes

Zapier is a no-code automation platform that allows users to create custom workflows for their critical work apps. Learn how it works, peruse the blog, or sign up to try beta AI features.

Check out Reid’s article about how to write more effective AI prompts.

Zapier built a natural language actions (NLA) API to enable AI models to independently use natural language to complete Zapier actions.

You know the doge, but do you know the dog? RIP Balltze.

Find Reid on LinkedIn and the social network formerly known as Twitter.

Find Kyle on LinkedIn, GitHub, and text-based social media.



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