Newbie’s Information to Bathtub Waste and Overflow Meeting

What’s a tub waste and overflow meeting/equipment? 

It is a equipment that incorporates the bath drain setup together with the overflow drain pipe and the waste pipe.

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Why is tub waste and overflow vital?

The common tub waste is the drain on the backside of the bathtub that you simply open to let the water out. The usual overflow is a gap greater up on the bathtub’s wall, related to the identical pipes as the underside drain. 

They’re vital as a result of they preserve the bathtub’s water from spilling over, and the toilet ground and the realm across the tub protected from water injury. The overflow gap stops the bathtub from filling up an excessive amount of by letting some water out earlier than it reaches the highest. Each the underside drain and the overflow use the identical pipes to eliminate the water.

Choosing the suitable bathtub drain equipment holds significance for each practicality and the looks of your toilet. 

Some vital phrases associated to the parts of your waste and overflow meeting equipment: 

  • Overflow Drain:  It is a gap on the facet of the bathtub, a bit beneath the highest edge. It lets further water circulate right into a pipe so the bathtub does not flood.
  • Waste Drain: This gap lets water out from the underside of the bathtub.
  • Overflow Drain Pipe: A pipe that stands up and carries water from the overflow drain to the principle pipe. You possibly can’t see this pipe as a result of it is contained in the wall.
  • Overflow Cowl: A plate that hides the overflow drain on the facet of the bathtub, somewhat beneath the highest edge.
  • Waste Pipe: This quick pipe helps water escape from the underside of the bathtub. It is like a tube that goes down beneath the bathtub.
  • Drain Stopper/ Tub Plug: This factor can block water from leaving the bathtub, or permit it to circulate into the pipes.
  • Actuator: It is like a metallic change contained in the drain pipe. It makes the drain stopper open or shut.

Components to Think about when Selecting Your Tub’s Waste and Overflow Meeting:

  • Pipe Materials 
  • Type and End of the Tubs’ Fixture
  • Sort of Actuator
  • Sort of Drain Plug

Pipe Materials


Widespread supplies which can be used for the bathtub waste pipe are brass, PVC, and ABS accessible. These supplies include various levels of sturdiness and set up comfort. Relying in your tub’s design and plumbing setup, you may must make changes or cuts to make sure a correct match for a selected meeting.

There are two distinct connection strategies relevant to those supplies, and it is essential to pick supplies that align with appropriate connections. Particularly, all three supplies (brass, PVC, ABS) may be related utilizing slip fittings.

Nonetheless, it is vital to notice that brass pipes can’t be joined utilizing glue solvents—this methodology is unique to PVC or ABS. Go for a fabric that’s user-friendly and harmonizes along with your tub’s design and the present plumbing in your toilet.

Type and End of the Tub’s Fixture


Be certain the meeting’s fashion and end match how your toilet seems. You possibly can choose from totally different choices – like fashionable and up to date designs or extra classic, conventional ones.

Select as properly a shade that goes properly along with your tub’s fixtures. Some frequent finishes for waste and overflow are brushed nickel and polished chrome.

Sort of Actuator 

Cable-driven actuators: Generally used as a result of they’re sturdy and straightforward to make use of. These actuators work through the use of a cable to open and shut the drain, which is often positioned behind the bath. You management the water circulate by transferring a lever or knob on the bath’s overflow plate. Putting in this kind of setup is easy as a result of the cable is already there.

Journey lever and plunger: Standard for his or her traditional look. With journey lever methods, you utilize a lever above the overflow plate to function a plunger that stops water from draining. Rods are hooked up to the plunger to make it transfer. These setups are a bit extra sophisticated to put in as a result of the rods have to be the fitting size and aligned correctly earlier than you may safe all the things.

Journey lever and rod: Makes use of rods as an alternative of cables to regulate the drain. These rods hook up with a lever above the overflow plate. Whenever you pull the rods again, the water can drain from the bath. The rods are designed with bends to suit accurately and guarantee all the things works because it ought to.

Sorts of Bathtub Drain Stopper


What’s a Drain Stopper?

Once more, bathtub drain stoppers are used to retain water within the bathtub when wanted and allow drainage when desired.

Several types of bathtub drain stoppers:

  1. Carry-and-Flip Drain Stopper: Connect this stopper to the crossbar strainer within the drain. Flip it to shut and twist the knob in the wrong way to open. You possibly can management water circulate by adjusting its place.
  2. Toe-Contact Drain: Screw it in place throughout the drain. Pushing down seals it with a rubber gasket. Press the other facet to open. Search for clear markings.
  3. Flip-It Drain Stopper: This stopper is simple to make use of and set up. Simply push its base into the drain and it is held in place by built-in O-rings. To seal or launch the drain, flip the lever on high.
  4. Pop-Up Drain: Just like sink drains, it is managed by a cable or rod system related to an actuator within the overflow gap. Flip the actuator to shut and reopen it to open the drain.
  5. Push and Pull Drain Stopper: Screw it onto the inset-drain strainer and push to seal. Pulling the knob opens the drain. A rubber stopper ensures a great seal.
  6. Journey-Lever Drain Stopper: Operated by a lever mounted on the overflow. Up place closes the strainer-style drain, however it’s not as visibly clear as different sorts.

Can You Change The Overflow Drain Your self?


Sure. In case your overflow drain is broken otherwise you want to change to a unique design or end, it is potential to switch it. Nonetheless, make sure that the brand new overflow drain has the suitable dimension to your bathtub, as an improper match might result in leaks or potential hurt to your toilet.

Take notice: changing an overflow drain wants some proper instruments and plumbing data. If you happen to’ll be doing it by yourself, comply with the producer’s tips to your drain mannequin and ensure you’re utilizing the right instruments. If you happen to’re not assured with plumbing, it is higher to rent knowledgeable plumber.

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