Milena Kling: Designer Of Processes, Curator Of Atmospheres


As we step inside her showroom, we expertise first-hand how the vitality round her objects unfolds inside an area. Right here, aesthetic magnificence meets the notion of scientific exploration. Kling’s delicate designs, offered on cabinets and custom-made pedestals, are purposefully organized, all standing in dialogue. As the daylight enters by way of the studio’s glass entrance, it interacts with Kling’s three-dimensional mirror sculptures, filling the air with mesmerising reflections.

We navigate the house to look nearer at Kling’s creations as we uncover rigorously offered materials samples, tryouts, and damaged glass fragments. The best way Kling shows these items, all testimonies of the inventive course of, underscores their significance to her follow. “Typically, these samples and experiments function the start line for brand new initiatives,” the designer tells us as she notices our fascination with these small collections. “It incessantly occurs that I encounter one thing throughout my explorations after which dive deep into this discovery, permitting it to evolve into a complete collection of works,” she continues.

On one of many cabinets, we spot vases that kind a part of the RAW collection—an ideal instance of how the designer reimagines conventional glassblowing strategies. In typical follow, glass is blown into heavy wood moulds to form it. For her RAW objects, Kling re-designed this technique. She utilises tender, copper-woven moulds as a substitute of exposing the glass by way of mouth blowing to the sturdy kinds. Introducing the versatile materials to the method permits for a two-way dialog between the glass and the steel, giving rise to welcome imperfections. The end result is a mild and textile sensuality manifested inside the glass.


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