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Good morning pricey specialists, I writing right now as a result of I’ve a query relating to yield criterions. A minimal of background: I’ve a easy filter, already evaluated by ASME VIII div. 2 par 5. The train is consider legs and attaching factors with solely weight + strain.

I’ve ANSYS and right here the usual criterion is Von Mises. A last Consumer requested for an analysis by EN13445 and this code states to make use of Tresca criterion, as a substitute of Von Mises. I keep in mind from college that space of yield of Tresca is smaller is smaller than Von Mises. I checked the worst level – contemplating the gap between Von Mises border and Tresca border and located root(3)/2.

EN13445 relies on restrict load technique. Additionally ASME has this process. In materials properties, with ASME, I put together a primary straight line contemplating a slope like module of Younger – until to yield worth – and after a second line not completely horizontal – as a result of it create issues with convergences – with a slope of 1 MPa.

What to do with EN13445? I believe that right here the fabric property is identical for the primary a part of the road (aside from the Younger module, the place I’ve to think about at temperature as a substitute of chilly however we’ve 80 °C so no variations ) however appropriate yield level – contemplating that ANSYS will develop the calculation aways contemplating Von Mises – must be root(3)*yield/2. Second a part of the fabric curve will stay identical. Is that appropriate?

Final level: when I’ll learn the full deformation ( not the plastic one! ) I’ve to remain below 5% however what i’ll learn on ANSYS – at all times primarily based on von mised standards – must be multiplied once more by root(3)/2 – to be compliant with Tresca criterion, proper?

Added to earlier concern: 5% seems as very excessive deformation. It’s appropriate?

Thanks, Anthony


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