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I am engaged on a mechanism (see hooked up picture). At present it work as follows: when half 1 is rotated counter-clockwise, half 2 rotates clock-wise, components 3 & 4 transfer away from one another.

Would it not be potential to revamp the slot partially 2 in order that the next movement is achieved: when half 1 rotates counter-clockwise, half 2 first rotates counter-clockwise inflicting 3 and 4 to maneuver nearer to one another. Then as half 1 continues to rotate additional counter-clockwise, half 2 then switches to rotating clockwise strikes 3 and 4 away from one another.

Any options for tips on how to redesign the slot partially 2 or literature/ methodology related to design of comparable mechanisms could be enormously appreciated! :)

2023-10-27 14_16_44-Autodesk Inventor Professional 2023.png

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