A fantasy journey of ice and hearth

I’m an individual who loves racing. I’ve preferred driving vehicles on numerous terrains for journey since I used to be younger. My two good pals Odelette Marshall and Nat Commons are additionally racing fanatics.

We frequently take part in numerous occasions and actions collectively. Along with racing, we even have a typical pastime, which is looking. Looking for us isn’t solely a sport, but in addition a problem and delight. We prefer to search for prey in nature and really feel the eagerness and pleasure of life.

This summer time, we determined to go to a particular place for looking, which is the Da Bingou Nationwide Geological Forest Park in China. Da Bingou is positioned 35 kilometers southeast of Benxi Metropolis, Liaoning Province, and belongs to the southeastern extension of the Changbai Mountains.

It is a peculiar scenic spot with billions of years of geological historical past. It has a uncommon summer time ice waterfall spectacle on the earth’s mid-temperate low-altitude space, unusual peaks and rocks shaped within the late Jurassic interval 140 million years in the past, a pure oxygen bar with a forest protection fee of 97%, and wealthy and numerous animal and plant sources. It is a fantasy world filled with distinction between ice and hearth, which makes us excited.

On this article, I’ll share with you our expertise and emotions of looking in Da Bingou. I’ll introduce our exploration and discovery within the three elements of the ice waterfall, the unusual peak and the forest, in addition to the impact and benefits of utilizing Owler1 night time imaginative and prescient binoculars.

Owler1 night time imaginative and prescient binoculars are skilled infrared binoculars that may clearly observe distant targets at nighttime, which could be very sensible and handy for looking. If you’re additionally fascinated with Da Bingou or looking, please proceed studying!

Half One: Ice Waterfall Spectacle

We took a airplane from Shenyang to Benxi on a weekend on the finish of July, then rented an off-road automobile, drove alongside the Shendan Expressway within the southeast path, and arrived on the gate of Da Bingou Scenic Space in about an hour. We purchased tickets after which took a sightseeing bus into the depths of Da Bingou.

Alongside the best way, we noticed numerous crops and animals, corresponding to pine, spruce, larch, oak, maple, willow, lilac, magnolia, walnut, pineapple, magnolia biondii, hawthorn and different woody crops; ginseng, gastrodia elata, gentian grass, Arisaema erubescens, celery, grass wu, astragalus, polygala tenuifolia, horsetail, bellflower and different medicinal crops; ferns, tangsong grass (cat’s paw), short-handed angelica (large-leaf celery), feminine wilted vegetable, east wind vegetable, yellow flower vegetable and different edible crops; black bears, wild boars, leopards, roe deer, badgers, foxes and different wild animals.

We felt the vitality and variety of Da Bingou, and likewise added some expectations for our upcoming looking journey.

Quickly we arrived at one in all Da Bingou’s largest features-ice waterfall. There are 5 ranges of ice waterfall teams right here, with a complete drop of greater than 100 meters, respectively referred to as Tiantai, Shuyu, Huansha, Feihong and Zhuifeng.

We acquired off the sightseeing bus and walked alongside the plank street to strategy the ice waterfall. We have been shocked to search out that there was nonetheless ice and snow in such a sizzling summer time.

It seems that the groundwater right here stays at round 4°C all yr spherical, and the terrain is steep, with poor air mobility, so it doesn’t soften even in summer time.

These ice waterfalls are shaped by groundwater gushing out from cracks within the mountain physique and condensing into icicles within the air. They shine with crystal gentle, forming a pointy distinction with the encircling inexperienced vegetation.

We took out the Owler1 night time imaginative and prescient binoculars and noticed the main points and fantastic thing about the ice waterfall clearly by way of their high-definition lenses.

Owler1 night time imaginative and prescient binoculars are skilled night time imaginative and prescient binoculars. They use superior infrared know-how and digital zoom operate to offer high-definition and high-contrast photographs at nighttime. Additionally they have capabilities corresponding to waterproof, shockproof and low battery reminder, that are very appropriate for outside actions and looking.

So, we determined to start out our looking journey right here. We discovered a hidden place, adjusted the Owler1 night time imaginative and prescient binoculars to the suitable focal size and brightness, and began on the lookout for prey. We quickly discovered a hare, which was leisurely foraging within the grass below the ice waterfall.

We fastidiously aimed toward it after which pulled the set off. A gunshot, the hare fell to the bottom. We ran over fortunately and picked it up. This was the primary prey we hunted in Da Bingou, and likewise the primary shock in our fantasy journey of ice and hearth.

Half Two: Unusual Peaks and Rocks

After looking, we continued to take the sightseeing bus and went deep into one other attribute attraction of Da Bingou-strange peaks and rocks. There are 15 peaks above one kilometer right here, amongst which the best peak is Yuhuangding with an altitude of 1185 meters.

These peaks have been shaped by intrusive rock actions 140 million years in the past, and after weathering, erosion, scouring and different geological results, they shaped numerous peculiar shapes and landscapes. It’s praised by Chinese language and overseas geologists as “geological cradle” and “geological palace”.

We acquired off the sightseeing bus and climbed up alongside the mountain street. We noticed numerous unusual peaks and rocks, some like people, some like animals, some like characters or scenes in myths.

We couldn’t assist however marvel at nature’s craftsmanship, and likewise admired human creativeness and creativity. We used Owler1 night time imaginative and prescient binoculars to fastidiously observe these unusual peaks and rocks, and located many attention-grabbing and fantastic particulars and tales.

Probably the most spectacular one for us was Leigong Dianmu Peak. It is a pair of cuddling peaks that seem like a loving couple. Legend has it that these are the peaks reworked by Leigong (the god of thunder) and Dianmu (the goddess of lightning) after they descended from the sky.

They guard the peace and fantastic thing about Da Bingou right here. We stood at their toes and felt a powerful love and sacredness. We used Owler1 night time imaginative and prescient binoculars to see their faces and expressions, and located that they have been smiling. We have been moved and blessed by them.

Along with Leigong Dianmu Peak, we additionally noticed different unusual peaks and rocks corresponding to Wo Ying (mendacity eagle), Qing Gui (affectionate turtle), Meng Shi (dream lion). Wo Ying is a big eagle-shaped peak that appears to unfold its wings at any time.

It symbolizes freedom and braveness. Qing Gui is a pair of turtle-shaped peaks leaning back-to-back. They signify loyalty and persistence. Meng Shi is a lion-shaped beak with enamel and claws. It implies energy and dignity. We used Owler1 night time imaginative and prescient binoculars to understand their posture and momentum, and likewise realized some life classes from them.

Looking amongst unusual peaks and rocks was a brand new expertise and problem for us. We not solely needed to take into account elements corresponding to terrain, wind path, gentle, and so on., but in addition needed to be cautious to not disturb the spirituality and aura of those peaks.

We used Owler1 night time imaginative and prescient binoculars to assist us discover appropriate areas and targets, in addition to shield us from darkness and hazard. We hunted a number of pheasants, wild geese and deer right here, in addition to gained respect and reward for nature.

Half Three: Forest Delicacies

After looking, we undoubtedly need to style our outcomes, and likewise style the native forest delicacies. Within the forest of Da Bingou, there are lots of scrumptious wild crops, corresponding to ferns, large-leaf celery, mushrooms, fungus, and so forth.

They aren’t solely scrumptious and juicy, but in addition wealthy in vitamin and medicinal worth. We discovered a farmhouse within the scenic space and requested the boss to assist us take care of the prey we hunted, and likewise ordered some native specialties.

We first ate a dish of fern scrambled eggs, which is a quite simple however scrumptious dish. Fern is a wild fern plant. Its tender buds and leaves may be eaten. It has a aromatic and candy style, and likewise has the results of clearing warmth and detoxifying, diuretic and swelling.

The eggs are from the wild chickens we hunted, that are more energizing and extra elastic than the eggs we purchased from the market.

The boss heated the oil in a pan, scrambled the eggs first, then added the washed and chopped ferns, stir-fried for just a few occasions, added salt, monosodium glutamate, hen essence and different seasonings, after which served.

This dish has a vibrant coloration, a aromatic aroma, a easy and refreshing style, which makes us eat with relish.

Then we ate a dish of large-leaf celery stewed wild duck, which is a really attribute dish. Giant-leaf celery is a wild celery.

Its leaves are a lot bigger than peculiar celery, and its style is richer and spicier. It has the results of invigorating the abdomen and digesting meals, dispelling wind and chilly, activating blood circulation and eradicating blood stasis.

Wild duck is the wild duck we hunted. The meat is agency and chewy, the soup is aromatic and never greasy. The boss first washed and reduce the wild duck into items, eliminated the fishy odor with ginger, spring onion, cooking wine, and so forth, then put it in a stress cooker with water and cooked it till it was 80% cooked.

Then he washed and reduce the large-leaf celery into sections, put it within the pot with the wild duck and stewed it till it was cooked by way of. Lastly, he added salt, pepper powder, sesame oil and different seasonings, after which served.

This dish has a golden soup coloration, meaty aroma, grassy perfume, which makes us drink satisfactorily and comfortably.

Lastly, we ate a dish of mushroom fungus combined with wild rabbit, which is a really appetizing dish. Mushrooms and fungus are widespread edible fungi crops in Da Bingou forest.

They’ve numerous varieties and shapes, scrumptious and juicy style, in addition to results of replenishing qi and blood, moistening intestines, reducing blood stress, and so forth. Wild rabbit is the wild rabbit we hunted.

The meat is tender and wealthy in protein, in addition to results of tonifying the kidney, invigorating spleen, relieving swelling, relieving ache, and so forth.

The boss first washed and sliced ​​the wild rabbit, blanked it with boiling water, eliminated the blood water and impurities, then drained the water. Then he washed and sliced ​​the mushrooms and fungus, heated oil in a pan, sautéed garlic and chili, then added mushrooms and fungus stir-fried for just a few occasions, added soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, sesame oil and different seasonings, served on a plate.

Lastly, he put the wild rabbit slices within the pot, added some water and cooking wine, boiled till delicate, then combined with mushroom fungus, combined properly. This dish has a lovely coloration, spicy sweet-sour style, tender meat contemporary mushroom, which makes us eat irresistibly.

In Da Bingou’s forest, we not solely tasted our outcomes, but in addition tasted the native forest delicacies. We felt that these dishes weren’t solely scrumptious, but in addition wealthy in vitamin and medicinal worth, which nourished our physique and thoughts.

We used Owler1 night time imaginative and prescient binoculars to document our meals journey, in addition to protect our good recollections. We hunted right here for respect and for forest gratitude.

Clearly Observe

That is our expertise and emotions of looking in Da Bingou. Right here we noticed the fantasy distinction between ice hearth felt nature’s craftsmanship tasted forest’s scrumptious variety additionally gained ardour pleasure felt Da Bingou was good place for looking additionally good place for exploring hope extra folks can come right here expertise fantasy journey ice hearth.

In our looking journey, we used Owler1 night time imaginative and prescient binoculars offered us with lot assist comfort clearly observe distant targets darkish allow us to not miss any alternative element even have capabilities such waterproof shockproof low battery reminder allow us to not fear about any accident problem John may be regarded skilled night time imaginative and prescient binoculars very appropriate outside actions looking If you’re additionally looking or need see extra magnificence marvel darkish strongly advocate you utilize Owler1 night time imaginative and prescient binoculars.

Thanks for studying this text, hope you want our sharing. You probably have any questions or strategies, please depart a message within the remark part, we are going to reply to you as quickly as attainable. Thanks once more in your consideration and help, want you a contented life!

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